Pizza and Pecha Kucha Night

For our final class and your final tech task you will give a 3 minute presentation on what you learned during the course.
We'll be using a modified version of a presentation style called Pecha Kucha or another style called Ignite.

You need to create 12 slides using PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Docs. If you're using PPT, you should set the slides to change every 15 seconds.
To create your presentation begin with a written script. Either word for word or key points. You can think in terms of 10 main points (1 slide for intro and 1 for ending to make a total of 12) After you create your script, build your slide deck using the Visual Literacy ideas explored in class.

If you don't or can't do this, I'll do that on the spot. Bring your presentation on a USB drive or email it to me prior to the 9th.

Here are some examples of this style:

Chris Lehmann talking about the schools we need.
Here are a whole bunch from Ignite.
Here are a couple from previous classes
DanaAlanna and Samantha