Here's the final list of classroom mentorship. (you should make contact with all your teachers by Friday)

Please email the classroom teachers letting them know you'll be working with their students and ask them for anything specific they might have you do.

  • making an introductory video of yourself
  • Adding a page on your blog targeted specifically for your mentoring students.
  • For your first interactions, you may want to identify yourself when you comment on blogs/wikis by stating your from the University of Regina

  • This is only 10% of your final grade (you can up it to 15% if you choose)
  • You'll likely wrap up your mentorship in early December.
  • I would estimate you spending 1-2 hours per week for all 3 or 4 classrooms so somewhere between 30-40 minutes a week per class. That's an average, some weeks may be more, some less
  • You may be able to envision a final project stemming from your work in these classrooms. If so, that will likely mean more time but then this may make up closer to 40% of your grade.
  • Given you are involved in 3-4 classrooms, you may not spend your time equally or feel connected to each at the same level. That's okay. That's why you're involved with more than one. You may not divide your time equally.
  • If you feel you're are being asked to do too much, have a conversation with your teacher to make the necessary adjustments.

*Remember, these teachers are opening up their classrooms for you so be respectful, grateful and diligent in your interactions.