Each week you'll have one or two assignments. They are worth 30 marks. Completely them on time (post them to your blog by the Tuesday before class) each will earn you 20 marks. The final 10 marks will be based on the quality of the assignments.

Assignment #1 Blog Setup (Sept. 15)
  • Complete your "About Me" page on your blog
  • Write an opening post outlining either your previous experience with technology in education, your educational philosophy or your class expectations
  • Post the URL of your blog on the Student Blogs Page
Assignment #2 (Sept. 22)
  • Watch this presentation on tagging, delicious and flickr
  • Sign up for Delicious
  • Install the del.icio.us buttons on your browser so you can easily bookmark or share sites with your fellow del.icio.us users.
  • Go out and find some sites, then "tag" those sites as you post them to del.icio.us using your new handy dandy browser button.
  • Set up your Delicious Feed in the Sidebar of your blog. Here's how and here's the code you need:
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://feeds.delicious.com/v2/js/shareski?title=My%20Delicious%20Bookmarks&icon=m&count=5&sort=date&tags&extended&name&showadd"></script>
  • Comment on at least 5 of your classmates blogs
Assignment #3 (Sept 29)
  • Create and customized your igoogle page. Take a screen shot of it and post the image to your blog. Include some explanation of various widgets/gadgets you've installed and how you might or might not find it useful in the future
  • Design a google form to collect data from your classmates. Embed it into your blog. Think of a way to share the results later. (you may want to search various ways to display your data)
Assignment #4 (Oct 5)
  • Create an account on either youtube, vimeo or blip.tv
  • Using PhotoStory3 or Movie Maker or iMovie make a 30 second "Mastercard style" video, upload to one of the sites and embed in your blog.
  • OR upload a video introduction of yourself for your mentors instead of the Mastercard video
Assignment #5 (Oct. 12)
  • Explore the 50 Ways to tell a Story
  • Create 2 stories (can be the same story) using 2 different tools from 2 different categories
  • EMBED and post to your blog
  • Send them to Alan via email cogdogblog@gmail.com or leave the link on the discussion page of the 50 ways wiki
Assignment #6 (Oct. 19)
  • Add at least 5 more blogs to your RSS reader. Use this list to find some and use the voicethread as well.
  • Blog at least once about one of these new blogs describing what they write about, why you added them and how you hope to learn from them.
  • If you have created a twitter account, add some new people to follow and explore. (Don't feel compelled to do so)
  • Leave a voicethread comment on Lee's voicethread.
Assignment #7 (Oct. 26)
  • Explore Jen Wagner's wiki search for a resource in the subject area that you might teach, link to it and provide a brief explanation of the link and how you might use it in the classroom.
  • Add your birthplace to this map. Be sure to name your placemark and add some text in it as well. (you need to be logged into your google account)
Assignment #9 (Nov. 16)
  • Complete this assignment according to this page.
Assignment #10 (Nov. 23)
  • Provide a summary of our 3 guest from Nov. 18th's class. (If you missed class you'll have to listen to the recording)
  • Find the ideas that resonate most with you and offer an insight into how these ideas may or may not be used in your future classroom.
Assignment #11 (Nov. 30)
  • What does your digital footprint look like? Are you happy with its current status? What if anything do you plan to do to change it or will you leave it as is? Blog this.