Because it's on Remembrance Day, we will not have class. (Yippee!)
But during the week I want you to go to the TED conference in California. (not literally since it costs $4000 and it's invitation only)
Watch at least 5 TED talks during the week. You can see there are many ways to sort them and find ones that might interest you. Watch some that you naturally think are interesting to you and watch a couple that you have no idea what the topic is about. You'll be surprised.

These are wonderful examples of passionate, people from all walks of life and from all disciplines sharing in very well done engaging styles. Again, use the menu system on the left to narrow your search.

On Nov. 18th, during class I'll be asking you to summarize and share your favorites. They also have an audio and video podcast you can subscribe to in itunes. If you have an ipod touch, there's an app for that.

Enjoy your day off.