Preparing for Class
  • Meet Dan, he's a Math teacher
  • I might suggest you view Dan's recent presentation to provide a little background

After reading and viewing this, Let's generate some questions for Dan. Click the Edit button and add your question here:
- Have you found that this approach has worked for all Math topics? Or have you had to go back to the text book for some topics?
- Will this approach be able to prepare students for standard exams (like Departmental finals in Saskatchewan) that are based off of the traditional methods?
- Why do you believe that being less helpful to your students will help them in the long run?
- This approach should make learning math more fun and have the students engaged in the lessons for a longer period of time then they usually would but the question that I have for you is basically the same as the 2nd question..... Will students be prepared for the standard exams after being taught this way?
- Do you think that this concept falls into other subject categories or just math?
- Is there many workshops that teachers can attend to learn about and how to teach in this method / appoach?
- Would a student who has been taught with this method be able to succeed with the standard math tests?
- What, if any, are the biggest downfalls to this approach?

At 7:30 we'll be using another service for Lee Kolbert's presentation. Here is the URL:
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